CO2 fire extinguisher prices

CO2 Fire Extinguisher Prices

CO2 fire extinguisher prices are the most volatile of all the different types of fire extinguishers. CO2 is produced as a by-product of ammonia production. Ammonia is mostly used as a fertiliser with the leftover CO2 used in everything from beer, to meat packaging and fire extinguishers. With the soaring natural gas prices seen lately, the cost of CO2 has risen as it has become more expensive to produce.

Instead of permanently increasing CO2 fire extinguisher prices for them never to drop when the wholesale rates lower, our suppliers charge us a CO2 surcharge. This charge adjusts when the wholesale rate changes and allows us to adjust our prices accordingly.

Budget CO2 Fire Extinguisher Price

At this time the most cost effective CO2 extinguisher is the 2kg in standard red finish. You can use these on electrical fires. In workplaces, it is common to have these paired with a 6L foam or water extinguisher.

5kg CO2 Fire Extinguisher Price

For larger fire risks you’ll want a 5kg CO2 fire extinguisher to give you even more firepower. These can be located outside plant rooms or near expensive machinery for example.

Aluminium CO2 Fire Extinguisher

If you need to site your CO2 extinguisher in a corrosive environment such as a marine setting, you can buy aluminium bodied versions in 2kg & 5kg sizes.

Stainless CO2 Fire Extinguisher Price

Stainless steel extinguishers not only look great, but will also not rust due to the added Chromium in the alloy.

Decorative CO2 Fire Extinguishers

If the regular versions still aren’t your cuppa, we provide 2kg variants in Antique Copper and Polished Gold finishes. They are particularly effective in more opulent workplace settings or in public areas.

Available Accessories

We also stock a full range of signage in photoluminescent & decorative styles, not to mention stands, transport brackets and more, all designed to perfectly complement your CO2 extinguishers.

Stands and storage

Transport brackets

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