Fire Extinguisher Servicing

If you require Fire Extinguisher Servicing, look no further.

Fireology’s team of expert engineers can be sure to assist you with your annual testing of all kinds of portable fire extinguishers.

Do I need my fire extinguishers servicing?

It’s vitally important that fire extinguishers work when you need them the most and there can be many reasons why they don’t. An annual inspection is a requirement of BS5306 for nearly all types of extinguisher that you’ll find in the workplace.

You may be voiding your leasehold or tenancy agreement or insurance policies if you don’t have your servicing completed. 

1 year

Basic servicing frequency

5 years

Enhanced service or replacement

10 years

Overhaul/replace CO2 extinguishers


Inspect by a member of staff

What is a Fire Extinguisher Service?

Before starting any inspections or testing, our engineers will have a look around your building and discuss the types of fire risks that you anticipate having. At this point, it is a good idea to have a copy of your fire risk assessment present.

Fire risks are broken down into different classes, such as Class A for Cardboard & Wood, Class B for flammable liquids and more. It’s important that the correct risks are identified, so that we can make sure a suitable extinguisher is in the right location to mitigate that risk.

Following that our engineer will proceed with a detailed visual inspection of each fire extinguisher. This includes checking pressure gauges work, there is no damage, splits to hoses, replacing O-rings, safety seals and even legibility of instructions.

Weighing the extinguisher and comparing to last year’s weight tells us if there has been any leakage or if it has been discharged.

You can read more about fire extinguisher classes here.

Fire extinguisher cover
Non-CO2 type extinguishers need an annual service and a 5 year enhanced service or replacement.
2kg CO2 aluminium fire extinguisher
CO2 fire extinguishers need annual servicing and a 10 year overhaul or replacement.

What if a fire extinguisher has been discharged?

If it has, either by accident or on purpose, it should be replaced or refilled immediately, even if it has not been fully emptied.

Most can be taken away to be refilled, or we can deliver next day from stock if required, possibly same day for local customers.

What about fire blankets?

In some businesses with commercial kitchens, serviced apartments or just in your office kitchen, you may find it beneficial to have a fire blanket. These should be checked annually to see if they are still suitable for use, but also part of your own monthly checks too.

Fire Extinguisher Servicing - as easy as 1, 2, 3

Step 1

Use the online form to request a quote. From the quote you can ask questions, add optional extras and click to accept all from your browser.

Step 2

Once we've agree a date & time, we'll be there to carry out the work thoroughly and with minimum disruption.

Step 3

You'll receive a detailed report to prove that the work has been carried out.

What if an extinguisher fails or needs replacing?

If we’ve visited your business before, we’ll check last year’s report before booking you in. Any extinguisher that is due for an enhanced service, overhaul or is at the end of it’s serviceable life, we’ll quote for prior to coming and bring it with us if you say yes.

A fire extinguisher can fail for multiple reasons and may need replacing or what is called corrective action. Corrective action may be a refill/re-pressure, a replacement hose or horn. Anything more complex is generally cheaper to safely dispose of the failing extinguisher and replace.

If an extinguisher has been emptied we can replace as stockists of the nations largest fire extinguisher brands.

Using technology to make things easier

All documents are available in our cloud portal 24/7/365 so if you can’t find your report, simply download another!

9L Firexo Extinguisher
Firexo has a patented extinguishing medium. As a Firexo stockist, we can refill if you've had to discharge one.

Can you service Firexo extinguishers?

Yes, and as an approved supplier of Firexo products, we have access to the full range of refilling products.

What qualifications do your Engineers hold?

All of our engineers must pass a written, ‘closed book’ theory exam & practical assessment set by BAFE. This must renewed every 3 years by attending a refresher course. 
As well as this, our engineers hold many year’s industry experience.

What signage do I need?

All fire extinguishers should have a ID sign, usually directly above where it is situated. We’ll notify you if it doesn’t.
As well as that, we are happy to help point you in the direction of any other signs you may require.

Fireology engineers help our customers with...

Monthly test training

Not sure what you need to be doing as part of your monthly tests? Fireology engineers are happy to show you what to look for and record.

Fire Safety Log Books

Don't have one? Just ask at time of booking and we'll bring one along and show you what you need to record.


Need additional extinguishers, or have moved to a new business location? We can specify the correct types, supply, install, maintain and recycle at the end of their life.

What Our Customers Say!

David F., Health & Safety Manager

Testing was arranged & completed with minimal effort from our end. Genuinely nice people to deal with too.

Sharon A., Operations Director

We had a team of two engineers on site for over a week and the work was carried out to the highest of standard. James also helped our maintenance department through the user check training & re-test frequency risk assessments which was very much appreciated.

Fire Extinguisher Servicing

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