Firexo Fire Extinguishers

The award winning Firexo extinguisher truly is a ground breaking product. Extinguish any type of fire with a single extinguisher.

In areas you need to protect, but are worried about possible confusion, a Firexo fire extinguisher is the best option. Suitable for home use, vehicles, HMOs, holiday rentals and more. Specify a Firexo wherever you’re worried that the wrong type of extinguisher might get used.

With its Patented extinguishing medium, nothing else comes close to Firexo in terms of adaptability.

With 6L and 9L versions available for commercial use, 500ml and 2L sizes ideal for vehicles or domestic use and 150ml & dedicated pan fire sachets perfect for keeping in your kitchen drawer.

Stainless Steel versions are also available for corrosive atmospheres and for trade buyers we carry a range of servicing parts including refilling products.

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