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Remove the uncertainty and confusion of which type of extinguisher to use. Firexo can combat ALL Class A, B, C, D, and F fires. It can also combat Electrical and Lithium-ion battery fires. Firexo is the only fire extinguisher that fights every type of fire. 

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Firexo for Work

Firexo fire extinguishers can fight all classes of fire (Class A, B, C, D, F, Lithium-ion battery and Electrical fires). This stops confusion of whether a fire extinguisher can fight a certain type of fire. Therefore making these extinguishers perfect in situations where time is everything. We offer many options for the workplace, these include 2L, 6L and 9L models. These models also feature the BSI Kitemark.

firexo for work
firexo for home

Firexo for Home

Firexo extinguishers can even be used on Lithium-ion battery fires. With their 7 fire type capabilities, this stops the hesitation before extinguishing a fire. We offer many options for the home including a Fire Extinguishing Sachet, a Mini Home Fire Extinguisher and a 500ml Fire Extinguisher in Stainless Steel.

The perfect solution for any home looking to bolster their fire safety setup. One of these home extinguishers or sachets could be all you need.

Firexo for Play

Firexo has plenty of fire safety solutions for any location or setting. With extinguishers small and large there is the perfect option to protect you from whatever danger you could face. The smaller models are easier to carry around with you, making sure you can feel safe wherever you go or whatever you do.

Firexo for play
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These extinguishers are more environmentally friendly than your standard extinguisher. Firexo’s extinguishers are made with natural ingredients, are non-toxic and are biodegradable.

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Firexo can be used on any type of fire, this allows for anyone to be able to confidently fight a fire without the stress of choosing the correct type of extinguisher.

Firexo extinguishers have incredible fire fighting capabilities, this allows them to knock down and extinguish fires in a matter of seconds.

Lithium-ion batteries can pose a fire hazard if they are damaged or improperly used. Firexo extinguishers are tested to be able to combat these very dangerous fires.

500ml Fire Extinguisher - Stainless Steel

Firexo in Stainless Steel

With a superb highly polished finish, luxury stainless steel extinguishers are perfect for areas where appearance is important.

 A stainless steel handle, which features as standard across this range, complements the polished body of this extinguisher perfectly. 

Stainless steel is one of the most corrosion-resistant metals known, as well as being extremely strong. That means these units are among the toughest available and are proven to last, even in the harshest of environments.

Firexo Fire Extinguishing Sachet

This fire extinguishing sachet is used to extinguish pan fires in a matter of seconds. Just simply place the sachet in the pan with no need to open.

Offering a safer alternative to using a fire blanket with it being so easy to use and deploy. The Fire Extinguishing Sachet is the perfect replacement for a fire blanket in the kitchen.

UK made, tested and certified. ISO17025 accredited and laboratory tested. Featuring a unique formula that uses Eco-Boost trusted technology. The sachet is suitable for oil fires up to 3L.

Made from recycled materials, the sachet can even be recycled after use. Protect your home and family against the risk of fire in the kitchen.

Firexo Fire Extinguishing Sachet
Firexo Servicing

Firexo Servicing

All standard fire extinguishers need regular services. Firexo’s extinguishers are no different. The 2L, 6L and 9L models all require annual basic services as well as a 5 year enhanced service.

When servicing extinguishers, refilling and replacing of worn or damaged parts is common. Firexo offer all the required parts that may need replacing when servicing a fire extinguisher.

For refilling Firexo extinguishers, you can purchase exact size liquid refills. These are perfect for each individual size of extinguisher, so they can all be refilled the perfect amount.

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