9kg L2 Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher


L2 Dry Powder 9kg fire extinguisher is highly effective against a wide range of Class D general metal and lithium metal fires. Unlike other Class D fire extinguishers, the L2 Dry Powder fire extinguisher can tackle lithium fires which are very dangerous.

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17kg Filled Weight
(HxW) 610 x 330mm

The 9kg L2 Dry Powder fire extinguisher is a specialist fire extinguisher that is aimed at tackling Class D fires. Class D fires are uncommon and difficult to deal with fire. This is why they are not covered by conventional fire extinguishers. Flammable metal fires are very dangerous and fierce so they are tough to tackle, this is why the L2 Dry Powder fire extinguisher is recommended. The stand-out feature of the L2 fire extinguisher is that it can tackle lithium fires. This is an advantage over M28 Powder fire extinguishers which cannot handle lithium fires.

These special powder extinguishers are designed specifically to fight combustible metal fires (Class D), such as sodium, magnesium and aluminium typically in the form of machined swarf or powder. The M28 powder is not effective in burning Lithium. L2 Powder is also designed for Class D metal fires but unlike M28, is also effective on Lithium fires. These types of extinguishers are equipped with a special low-velocity applicator to ensure the powder is applied gently and efficiently without the risk of the discharge pressure spreading or splashing the burning metal.

In summary, Dry Powder fire extinguishers offer significant protection over a range of fire risks but care should be taken to ensure you choose the correct type for your application and to be aware of their limitations.

Fire Extinguisher used for

Suitable for Class D fires badge for L2 Dry Powder fire extinguisher
Suitable for Class D fires

Key Features and Spec

  • Fully CE Marked
  • 9kg

In what circumstances might you need a 9kg L2 Dry Powder fire extinguisher?

A 9kg L2 dry powder fire extinguisher is typically used in Class D fires. These are fires that involve flammable metals such as magnesium, aluminium, titanium, and potassium. These types of fires require a specialized type of fire extinguisher because ordinary fire extinguishing agents, such as water or foam, can actually exacerbate the fire and make it worse. Dry powder extinguishers work by smothering the fire and separating the fuel from the oxygen, effectively putting out the fire.

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