Commander Budget 6L Water Plus Fire Extinguisher


Water extinguishers are one of the most common as they are inexpensive to purchase and are a dependable and safe fire extinguishing medium. The Commander 6L Water plus spray fire extinguisher features a “wetting agent” additive to further improve performance.

The Commander 6L Water plus spray fire extinguisher is Kitemarked to BS EN3 and has a 21A fire rating. The unit comes with a complete 5-year warranty and is safe for inadvertent use on fires involving live electrical equipment up to 1000V.

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Filled weight badge in red
Dimensions Badge in Purple
Basic Service: 1 Year
Enhanced Service: 5 Years
10kg Filled Weight
530 x 175 x 170mm

The Commander’s Budget 6L Water Plus fire extinguisher is a great fire extinguisher. Water fire extinguishers are particularly effective in putting out fires caused by Class A materials such as wood, paper, textiles, and other solid materials. The spray nozzle allows for a wide, even distribution of the extinguishing agent, and the unit also has a built-in pressure gauge to indicate the level of charge. It also comes with a sturdy wall-mounting bracket and a safety pin to prevent accidental discharge. This fire extinguisher is suitable for use in homes, offices, workshops, and other similar settings.

Fire Extinguisher used for

Suitable for Class A fires Red for Water fire extinguisher
21A fire rating badge in purple for 6L Water fire extinguisher
Suitable for Class A fires
21A Fire Rating

What are the benefits of the Commander’s Budget 6L Water Plus Fire Extinguisher?

This Fire Extinguisher has several benefits, including:

  1. Dual-purpose extinguishing agent: This fire extinguisher uses a combination of water and foam. This makes it effective in putting out fires caused by both Class A (flammable solids like wood, paper, and textiles) and Class B (flammable liquids like gasoline and oil) fires.
  2. Large capacity: The 6L capacity of this fire extinguisher means that it can cover a larger area. This can then put out a bigger fire compared to smaller extinguishers.
  3. Cost-effective: Commander’s Budget 6L Water Plus fire extinguisher is designed to provide an affordable solution to fire safety. Making it accessible for individuals, businesses, and organizations with tight budgets.
  4. Easy to use: This fire extinguisher comes with clear instructions on how to use it. It can be easily operated by anyone. Including those without fire safety training.
  5. Rechargeable and refillable: This extinguisher is easy to be refilled and reused after it has been discharged. Making it a more sustainable and eco-friendly option.

Technical Specification

MPN Capacity Fire Rating Full Weight (kg) Temp Range Working Pressure Kitemarked to BS EN3 Pressuring Gas MED Approved Extinguishing Medium
WSWX6 6L 21A 10 +5°C- +60°C 14 Bar Yes Nitrogen Yes Water

Additional information

BS EN3 Approved


MED Approved


Weight (kg)


Length (cm)


Width (cm)


Height (cm)


Stock Type

Fireology Essentials

Data Sheet

Commander Water Tri-fold Brochure


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