Commander Double Fire Extinguisher Stand Red


Look no further than Commander for a strong and durable fire extinguisher stand that provides obvious and simple access.

Thanks to its PP plastic construction, this adaptable stand can accommodate a two extinguishers and is a solid, dependable option. It works perfectly with the majority of extinguishers and is simple to combine with other Commander stands to create a triple-plus stand option. Its practical advantages are numerous, including a designated area for signage and a gripped base to safeguard floors. But it looks fantastic too thanks to a mixed matt and gloss finish.

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Key Features and Spec

  • Trustworthy and durable PP plastic material
  • Combination of a matt and gloss finish
  • Designated place for applying signs
  • Grip base to safeguard the floor’s surface
  • Access to the fire extinguisher right away
  • Fit for the majority of extinguishers (max 200mm)
  • Made with environmentally friendly materials and processes¬†
  • Dimensions: 548mm x 750mm x 288.5mm
  • Weight (kg): 2.3kg
  • Extinguishers and signs each sold separately

The Commander double fire extinguisher stands in red is a great choice when it comes to storing your extinguishers. By using strong PP plastic to make these stands, they are able to protect the fire extinguishers they hold. This plastic gives the stands its rigidity and long-lasting durability. Commander’s stand can accommodate 2 fire extinguishers of any size with the maximum diameter being 200mm. This stand also offers designated places for mounting signs, so you don’t have to clip your signs on or wall mount them. Located at the bottom of the stand is a gripped base. This is to help the stand stay in place.

Commander has put in place environmentally friendly processes which are used to make this stand. For example, any extra plastic is collected and put back through the machine to be used in the production line, reducing waste. They are also using more environmentally friendly materials. This is part of Commander’s aim to become greener and environmentally safe.

Why choose the Commander Double Fire Extinguisher Stand in Red?

The Commander budget double fire extinguisher stand in red is a popular choice for several reasons:

  1. Budget-friendly: The stand is budget-friendly, making it an attractive option for those who are looking for a cost-effective solution.
  2. Double capacity: The stand can hold two fire extinguishers, which is convenient for users who want to store multiple fire extinguishers in one location.
  3. High visibility: The red colour of the stand makes it highly visible, which can be important in emergency situations where the fire extinguisher needs to be easily located.
  4. Durable construction: By using a strong PP plastic, this stand is able to be rigid and long-lasting.
  5. Easy to install: With its simple design, this stand is effortless to install and is ready to store fire extinguishers straight away.

Additional information

Dimensions 54.8 × 75 × 28.85 cm

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