Commander Fire Extinguisher Stand Large Insert

Look no further than Commander for a reliable and resilient fire extinguisher stand that provides simple access. You may add this substantial component to the commander double or single extinguisher stands. For added protection, it is suitable for all 6L/ 6kg and 9L/ 9kg fire extinguishers.

These inserts are simple to install, just set them into the Commander Stand’s base and then add your fire extinguishers.


Key Features and Spec

  • Reliable and robust ABS plastic material
  • Suitable for standing 6L & 9L extinguishers
  • Suitable for standing 6kg & 9kg extinguishers
  • Each insert includes 4 installation screws that are optional to use for added secure holding

Is this large insert needed for an extinguisher stand?

This large insert is made for the Commander extinguisher stand. This large insert is made to fit any 6L/ 6kg or any 9L/ 9kg fire extinguishers into the Commander stand more securely. This allows for the extinguisher to stand with less of a risk of it being knocked over and damaged. The stand insert is made of reliable and robust ABS plastic material. This is done to make sure that the extinguisher standing even if it takes a knock. ABS plastic is very robust, which allows it to take the brunt of most knocks that the stand will receive and not pass them on to the extinguisher. The strong and sturdy plastic makes sure that the extinguisher will not take damage or break.

What is the small stand used for?

This large insert is only made to fit 6L/ 6kg or 9L/ 9kg fire extinguishers and will not fit any other type of fire extinguisher (CO2). Without this large insert for the Commander extinguisher stands, any 6L/ 6kg or 9L/ 9kg fire extinguishers will be left to stand alone and will have an increased fall risk.

Each insert includes 4 installation screws. They are to make sure that the insert stays secure to the stand and doesn’t fall out. The screws are however optional and the product will work just fine if the screws aren’t used. However, there will just be an increased chance that the insert may come out of the stand if screws aren’t used.

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