Double Fire Extinguisher Trolley with Backboard


This powder-coated steel-framed extinguisher cart is incredibly sturdy and resistant to harsh circumstances. It is made to hold two extinguishers that weigh up to 9kg, a rotating alarm bell like the CommandAlert Site Alarm, and fire safety signage, making it perfect for use on construction sites, at gas stations, and in a variety of other settings. It is simple to modify so that CO2 extinguishers can be used.

This twin trolley is intended for uses in which a fire bucket is not necessary. It contains a sizable steel backboard on which you may attach signage, alarm equipment, and various other things.

Accessories are sold separately.

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Key Features and Spec

  • White backboard label sold separately. The trolley comes with a red backboard as standard
  • The original Double Trolley
  • Space for 2 extinguishers and a Fire Bucket
  • Pre-drilled holes for a Rotary Alarm Bell
  • Robust powder-coated steel frame
  • Nylon wheels
  • Weight: 16kg
  • Dimensions: 1200mm x 720mm x 400mm (H x W x D)
  • Capacity: 2 fire extinguishers
  • Not compatible with 5kg CO2

This double fire extinguisher trolley with a backboard has loads of features to make this the perfect fire extinguisher trolley. The trolley has enough room to store 2 fire extinguishers up to 9kg each (excluding 5kg CO2 fire extinguishers, which this trolley is not compatible with).

What makes the double fire extinguisher trolley with a backboard stand out?

This trolley also has predrilled holes for a rotary alarm bell as well as a place for a fire bucket. This trolley is strong and sturdy, with it featuring a robust powder-coated steel frame which allows for the trolley to not take damage easily. This trolley’s 2 nylon wheels allow for it to be able to move around quickly and safely when the extinguishers are needed. This makes the trolley easy to use. This trolley also has room for a fire bucket to add to a complete fire safety set-up.

The backboard on this trolley allows for fire safety information and signage to be installed. This makes for a complete fire safety point which has all the given information that is needed to be able to safely take out procedure if a fire were to occur.

Accessories are sold separately.

Additional information

Weight 16 kg
Dimensions 40 × 72 × 120 cm

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