Fire Extinguisher Backboard Standard Softwood


With a wooden backboard, you can quickly and efficiently mount fire extinguishers to nearly any wall.

We provide unfinished softwood and 18mm laminated chipboard for our backboards.

Available to order for delivery in approximately 5 working days.


Key Features and Spec

  • This softwood fire extinguisher backboard allows for the protection of your walls from your extinguishers.
  • Foamex backboards are also stocked in both single and double sizes.
  • 10mm thick, they can be customised to suit your requirements
  • Dimensions: 457mm (L) x 66mm (W) x 20mm (D)

The softwood fire extinguisher backboard allows for any extinguisher to be quickly and easily mounted whilst still protecting your walls. We provide unfinished softwood and 18mm laminated chipboard for our backboards. This backboard allows for neat mounting to nearly any wall, leaving your fire extinguisher secure and safer.

What is the standard softwood fire extinguisher backboard used for?

The fire extinguisher backboard is used to securely mount a fire extinguisher in a fixed location, typically on a wall. This allows the fire extinguisher to be easily accessible in case of a fire emergency. The backboard helps to protect the fire extinguisher from damage, as well as helps to maintain the stability of the extinguisher in its mounting location.

In addition to mounting the fire extinguisher, the backboard also serves as a support surface for the fire extinguisher. It helps to distribute the weight of the extinguisher evenly, reducing the risk of damage to the wall or other structures. This backboard is made of softwood, which is an economical and readily available material. The backboard can be painted red or marked with a reflective label, to make it highly visible and easy to locate in low-light conditions. The backboard is an essential component of any fire safety system and is required by fire codes and regulations in many areas.

Additional information

Dimensions 45.7 × 6.6 × 2 cm

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