Fire Point Sign Photoluminescent


The universal symbol found on a fire point sign is used to signify the location of fire-fighting equipment.

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Ensure this sign is clearly placed by fire extinguishers, fire hoses and other easily accessible equipment. A fire point sign is a safety sign that indicates the location of a fire extinguisher or other fire-fighting equipment. The sign is typically mounted on or near the equipment it marks and is used to guide people to the equipment in case of an emergency. The signs usually have bright colours and bold letters to make them easy to spot in case of emergency.

This sign is photoluminescent. Photoluminescence is the light emission from any form of matter after the absorption of photons. This simply means it can be seen in the dark. This aids if a fire were to cause a power outage.

According to UK legislation do you need a fire point sign?

Under UK legislation, the requirement for a fire point sign depends on the circumstances of the premises. The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 requires that fire-fighting equipment should be identified with signs. However, it does not specifically mandate a fire point sign. However, if there is a designated fire point on the premises, it may be helpful to have a clear sign indicating its location to aid in fire safety and evacuation. It is ultimately the responsibility of the responsible person for the premises to assess and determine the appropriate fire safety measures, including the use of signs, based on the specific circumstances of the premises.

Where should this sign be located?

A fire point sign should be located in a prominent and clearly visible position. Ideally, this will be in the immediate vicinity of the fire-fighting equipment it refers to. The sign should be positioned at a height and angle that makes it easily readable. It should not be obstructed by other objects or signage.

If the fire point is located in a large or complex building, it may be necessary to install multiple signs at different locations. This would be to ensure that the equipment is clearly identifiable from various angles and distances. The specific location and positioning of fire point signs should be determined by a responsible person. They must have conducted a thorough fire risk assessment of the premises and identified the most appropriate and effective fire safety measures.

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