Fire Point Stand Green – Wheeled


This fire point stand, which is intended to display first aid supplies and information, offers a multipurpose response to fire safety equipment requirements. It is larger than typical trolleys, with a backboard measuring 650mm × 1200 mm and the ability to accommodate up to four fire extinguishers.

Use the stand to store alarm equipment, first aid kits, fire and safety signage, notices and plans, and branding. It is designed to be fitted with a variety of supplementary equipment.

Accessories sold separately.

Available to order for delivery in approximately 5 working days.


Key Features and Spec

  • 2 wheels to facilitate positioning and moving
  • Extremely robust and weather resistant
  • A large steel backboard allows the fitting of an unlimited combination of ancillaries, including alarm equipment, signage, first aid equipment, branding, site plans etc.
  • Dimensions: 1800mm (h) x 890mm (w) x 480mm (d)
  • 20kg weight
  • The backboard measures 650mm x 1200mm.
  • Accessories are supplied separately.

This green fire point stand is intended for the use of first aid supplies and information. This stand is larger than the typical trolley and therefore can fit more equipment on the trolley. The backboard of the trolley measures 650mm x 1200mm. This product is designed to be kitted out with lots of equipment that is relevant to the situations that may be common or have an increased likelihood in that location.

The stand features 2 big nylon wheels which makes it easy and simple to move about when needed.

Accessories are sold separately.

Why choose the fire point stand in green and not in another colour?

Its green colouring signifies “first assistance” which makes it suitable for most locations but especially for construction and building sites. Other colours of fire point stands are used for other needs and problems (such as a red fire point stand to symbolise fire extinguishers and is full of fire extinguishers). Standardization is a key reason why green is used. Green is an internationally recognized colour for safety and is used for emergency equipment and signage. This standardization helps people quickly identify fire equipment and facilitates rapid response in an emergency.

In short, the use of green for fire points is a combination of visibility, standardization, and ensuring that people can easily and quickly identify fire equipment in an emergency.

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