Powder ID Sign Contempo Polished Gold Finish


Different forms of fire call for different extinguishers. Fire extinguisher ID signs identify which substance is contained within an extinguisher and the type of fire each fire extinguisher should and should not be used on.


This Powder ID sign in polished gold finish indicates which types of fire the given extinguisher can put out and which it cannot. Different forms of fire call for different extinguishers. Fire extinguisher ID signs are key in allowing quick recognition of which fire extinguisher is which and allow for an untrained user to see which type of fire each of the extinguishers can combat. This quick recognition is the key point in any emergency situation and could be the difference between life and death.

A symbol to show that the point is a fire extinguisher point is all that’s required at each fire extinguisher. The upgrade to a fire extinguisher ID sign is for helping the user who will operate the extinguisher decipher whether they are using the correct extinguisher for that type of fire. The Dry Powder fire extinguisher sign in polished gold offers a stylish and sleek look perfect for any formal setting, especially when paired with the polished gold Dry Powder fire extinguisher.

Why choose the Powder ID sign in a polished gold finish?

The choice of a Powder ID sign in a polished gold finish is likely due to aesthetic considerations. Polished gold is a classic and elegant choice that can add a touch of luxury and sophistication to any space. Additionally, a Powder ID sign is used to identify a Dry Powder fire extinguisher. The polished gold finish can help draw attention to the sign and make it more visible. This change can make a big difference. Especially when it comes to allowing someone to quickly spot where the fire extinguishers are kept in an emergency situation. This sign acts as the perfect pair for a Contempo Dry Powder fire extinguisher in polished gold. Together can allow for your fire safety setup to be elevated and be a great-looking feature in any room.

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