Push Pad to Open Sign with Tick (Landscape)


Clearly state with a push bar to open sign what needs to be done to operate the door in case of an emergency.

The sign is 600mm x 75mm and is photoluminescent, making it visible in low-light situations.

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Key Features and Spec

  • 600mm x 75mm
  • Photoluminescent
  • Landscape

Clearly advise the necessary action to operate the door in an event of an emergency. You can do this with a push pad to open sign with tick. This sign is aimed to clearly demonstrate how the emergency door is supposed to be opened. The size of this sign is 600mm x 75mm and is also photoluminescent, meaning visible in the dark. This sign being photoluminescent is so it will be able to be seen in the dark if the lights go out during an emergency.

Where should a push pad to open sign with tick be located?

A “Push Pad to Open” sign with a tick should be located near the door it refers to. This is typically near the door handle or push bar. The sign should be easily visible to people approaching the door. It should be also placed at a height that is easily readable for both children and adults. The tick symbol is often used to indicate that the door has been checked and is in working order, so it is important for the sign to be placed in a location where it can be easily seen and noticed by those who need to use the door.

In addition to being visible and placed at an appropriate height, it’s also important to consider the placement of the sign in relation to other signs or directions. For example, if the door is in a busy area with multiple signs, it’s important for the “Push Pad to Open” sign to stand out and be easy to find

Additional information

Dimensions 60 × 7.5 cm

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