Standard Fire Extinguisher J Bracket


For the vast majority of fire extinguisher types, these common J brackets are appropriate. It is a requirement of the British Standard that fire extinguishers be mounted on a wall or placed on a stand.

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Key Features and Spec

  • Steel J Bracket
  • Allows easy identification of fire extinguisher locations
  • Stops unauthorised re-positioning of extinguishers
  • Ideal for the hanging of Water, AFF Foam and Dry Powder fire extinguishers

In the UK, the British Standards state that all fire extinguishers must be mounted on a wall or placed on a stand. Expensive stands can add up quickly when it comes to providing them for a whole fire safety set-up. That is why a fire extinguisher J bracket is the perfect cheap alternative to expensive stands. These J brackets offer the cheapest and easiest solution when it comes to fire extinguisher storage.

Why the J bracket for your fire extinguisher?

The J bracket does not have the best protection and security, that a more expensive bracket or stand would offer but it certainly does the job for a much lower price point. Almost every single fire extinguisher is compatible with one of these brackets making the mounting process simple and easy. The fire extinguisher J bracket is easy to mount on a wall, saving the trouble of figuring out how to use a complicated brace or bracket. The J bracket makes sure that fire extinguishers are in an easy-access location in case of an emergency. This bracket helps extinguishers stand out so they are easy to spot in a critical moment when time is everything. The extremely low price point makes the J bracket a no-brainer for a cheaper fire safety set-up.

The J bracket allows for a known location for a fire extinguisher to be mounted. This ensures that everyone knows where the extinguishers can be located in an emergency. This is so they can stay out of the way and no one can tamper with them. Keeping an extinguisher on this bracket makes it easy to access in case of an emergency, where it would need to be accessed quickly.

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