Water Mist ID Sign Photoluminescent


Fire extinguisher ID signs identify which substance is contained within an extinguisher and the type of fires each fire extinguisher should and should not be used on.


This Water Mist ID sign indicates which types of fire the Water Mist extinguisher can put out and which it cannot. Different forms of fire call for different extinguishers. Fire extinguisher ID signs are key in allowing quick recognition of which fire extinguisher is which. This then allows an untrained user to see which type of fire each of the extinguishers can combat. This quick recognition is the key point in any emergency situation and could be the difference between life and death.

A symbol to show that the point is a fire extinguisher point is all that’s required at each fire extinguisher. The upgrade to a fire extinguisher ID sign is for helping the user who will operate the extinguisher decipher whether they are using the correct extinguisher for that type of fire.

This sign is photoluminescent. Photoluminescence is the light emission from any form of matter after the absorption of photons. This simply means it can be seen in the dark. This aids if a fire were to cause a power outage.

Why choose the photoluminescent Water Mist fire extinguisher ID sign?

The photoluminescent Water Mist fire extinguisher ID sign is a good choice because it is made of a material that can glow in the dark. Making it visible even in low-light or no-light situations. This can help people quickly and easily locate the Water Mist fire extinguisher during an emergency. Additionally, the sign provides important information about the type of fire extinguisher. This can help ensure that it is used properly to extinguish the fire. This information includes which type of fire this extinguisher can be used on, which it can’t be used on and some more instructions.

Overall, this sign is used to identify and locate Water Mist fire extinguishers. It can help locate them in low-light situations due to the sign’s photoluminescence.

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