Lithium-ion batteries fire in Cannock

Firefighters investigating the cause of Cannock fire

Locals are given a reminder of the dangers when disposing of household waste, after a significant fire at the recycling centre in Cannock.

An investigation was launched into the cause of the fire, at the premises in Leacroft Lane was launched last Friday. Six crews attended the fire, which started just before 2pm on the day prior. Locals were advised to close all windows and doors for a significant amount of time through the afternoon.

The crews from, Cannock, Rugeley, Stafford, Lichfield and Penkridge were on site until 6:15pm when damping down began.

Cannock station manager Russ Brown, the incident commander at the scene, said: “I would like to thank the centre staff for their assistance in helping us to tackle the fire and establish some successful tactics to extinguish the blaze.”

“Without their swift actions, we could have seen the incident escalate.”

He said he would like to remind residents and businesses to ensure that they are safely disposing of their waste, particularly any Lithium-ion batteries which are often used in electronic devices. They should ensure they are stored in cool areas. As well as making sure nothing is covering them or blocking their extractors from working.

When disposing of Lithium-ion batteries, the correct action must be taken to minimise risks. To find out the practice to follow, find out in our blog post on Lithium-ion batteries HERE.