Derbion Car Fire

Derbion evacuated after a car fire in the underground car park

The Derbion shopping centre was evacuated this morning after a suspected car fire in the underground car park. Derbyshire Police and Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service were on site and the entrance was taped off.

Two fire engines and three police cars were parked at the entrance to the car park, in an attempt to keep the public away from the blaze. Eyewitnesses reported that smoke was drawn through the shopping centre at around 11 am Saturday morning.

Footage seen by Derbyshire Live showed hundreds of shoppers making their way to the exits after fire alarms went off inside Derbion.

Someone who was there at the time said: “It was just crazy, people running out of the car park screaming ‘a car is on fire’. I was about to park my car and heard a massive bang! So I got out as fast as I could.”

“Big flames” were seen in the underground car park. Someone who saw the fire said they couldn’t tell what car was on fire, they just saw flames and smoke.

Most people own cars in the UK. They are usually very safe, but things like this can occur. People underestimate the danger of such events. What would you do if your car set on fire?

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