damage and penetration

Lithium-ion Battery Fires 4 – Damage and Penetration

Spreading knowledge and knowing about the dangers of Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries is important as they are a growing danger in the modern home and in modern life in general. Whether the battery has damage or penetration is important to think about as this creates a large amount danger. They are seen as a horrible danger with a spontaneous nature, e-bikes and e-scooters have been banned from all London transport systems after a number of fires on the network caused by these vehicles.

Damage and Penetration to Li-ion Batteries

Li-ion battery fires can sometimes occur after disposal of the batteries themselves. These are due to when the battery is penetrated or crushed. These scenarios are a danger when disposing of and maybe even still at the end of the life of one of these batteries. This comes from when potent electrolytes leak through the hole in the battery, this then often creates a chemical reaction that releases heat. This then in-turn heats the other cells in the battery and can lead to thermal runaway. Thermal runaway is when a cell of the Li-ion battery enters a self heating uncontrollable stage which leads to the explosion and then fire.

Disposal of Li-ion Batteries

This is a huge danger when disposing these batteries, on a domestic scale officials recommend placing and leaving the batteries into salt water for at least two weeks then disposing them as hazardous waste. If one of these batteries were to get to landfill and get damaged this could lead to thermal runaway and then could cause an absolutely huge fire damaging the whole site by engulfing it into flames. So when disposing and dealing with damaged Li-ion batteries please take great care.

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damage and penetration

damage and penetration