can i still use fire buckets

Can I still use a Fire Bucket?

Is a Fire Bucket still useful?

When can I use a Fire Bucket? What types of fire can it be used on? And why should I use it over an Extinguisher? 
can i still use fire buckets
plastic fire bucket and lid

A Fire Bucket is filled with sand or water and is used to extinguish fires. Sand is often used where there is a risk of spilled flammable liquid which might ignite and spread by flowing across the ground. The sand is deployed to act as a barrier so it can stop flowing liquid. Sand fire buckets are used on Class B fires.

Water filled fire buckets are sometimes used where a water extinguisher might not be convenient, or where a supplement is prudent. Water fire buckets are used on Class A fires.

Want to learn more about the history of the fire bucket? If so check out this fascinating page into their history by H&O Plastics here.

The advantages that fire buckets offer are:

  • Highly effective on small fires.
  • Very affordable.
  • Reliable.
  • Easy to operate (No training is required).
  • Easily and quickly refilled by any one.

Please note: Fire buckets are helpful for initial stage fires or for small fires, and are not suitable for large fires. If you cannot control the fire then call 999 and get help from professional fire fighters. A fire bucket is not appropriate for extinguishing all types of fire.

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