Should I have a fire extinguisher in my holiday rental/airbnb property?

The rules and regulations when it comes to fire safety in a airbnb or a holiday rental. All the safety steps that you should be taking as an owner of one of these properties or that your ‘landlord’ should of followed before renting to you.

When hosting your Airbnb house, fire safety regulations must be followed. This is to ensure that the house stayers and the house stay safe. You may ask to yourself – “Should I have a fire extinguisher in my airBnB property?” Well the rules must comply with Airbnb’s regulations on safety and fire safety. Here is a good link explaining the details of their rules.

When renting out a holiday rental you should have at least one fire extinguisher on every level of your home. They should be placed in the rooms with the highest probability of a fire – the kitchen especially, as well as any areas with open fires. Another option is a fire blanket. 

Here is our guide to the different types of fire extinguisher. This might help you decide which fire extinguisher suits your needs best.

AirBnB hosts are told to list their safety features. They are told to tick all their safety features under the Home Safety section for the Airbnb listing so stayers know what the home has in terms of Safety. 

Some hosts will even include a paragraph on safety at the end of their property description that mentions smoke alarms and first aid kits in order to reassure guests.

AirBnB have a page regarding their safety regulations as a guide for hosts. This page is linked here.

Leaving contact numbers for emergency medical, fire and police services is recommended. Leaving a card stating:

  • Locations of fire extinguishers and fire blankets
  • Emergency exit routes
  • Location of first aid kit
  • More than one contact number for you (i.e. include your landline plus mobile, or your partner’s phone number as well as your own)

We recommend to do this because it is deemed as the polite and the correct thing to do.