Christmas Fire Safety Tips

Approaching coming up to Christmas time, fires are roaring and lights are shining. With all the festivities comes extra fire danger and risks. Here are some top tips for fire safety at Christmas time.

Watering all real Christmas trees

This one is often used as a method for keeping your tree healthy and full throughout December. It is also one of the best tips for fire safety at Christmas time. This little trick can help stop the huge spread of a fire and can easily save lives and homes.

Dry Christmas trees are very flammable and can turn a small flame into a full house fire in the matter of minutes. This is demonstrated very well with this great Youtube video by

Checking lights aren't damaged and confrom to British Standards

Lights on a Christmas tree and around the house in general do look good, but if they are faulty or damaged this can spark a very dangerous fire. Lights conforming to British Standards allows you to know that the products that are sprinkled around your house this December are not faulty and not likely to spark a fire.

When lights are old and used (like a lot of people’s Christmas lights are) they can be a potential risk of starting fires. If you notice any fraying or damage to your lights or ANY cables and wires in your house make sure you deal with them immediately and either replace the wiring professionally or get a new product.

Never overload sockets or outlets

During the Christmas season we tend to have more electrical items that we are not used to having to plug in the rest of the year. This can lead to people being lazy with their care for electrical safety. This can lead to overloaded sockets.

Overloaded sockets are a huge risk when it comes to starting fires. Too much electricity running through the outlet at once will cause an increase in temperature, which can lead to further problems. This can cause electrical faults leading to sparks and fires. This tip for fire safety at Christmas is essential as it is one of the more common fire starters during the festive period.

Always turn off Christmas lights before going to bed

With Christmas lights people love to leave them overnight because they ‘look good’. This is a very dangerous habit. Doing this could leave your Christmas tree and your house vulnerable. This could cause a fire due to an electrical fault at any time.

Fairy lights alone cause upward of 20 fires a year in the UK. By not leaving Christmas lights on overnight you are saving electricity, stopping the chance of a fire and reducing wear and tear on the lights in general and batteries if they are battery operated.

Be safe when heating your home

During this cost of living crisis, people will struggle to heat their homes properly, this may lead to people taking up unsafe acts in an attempt to stay warm this Christmas. Safety must always be thought about equally or first. 

When using electric heaters, they must never be left unattended as they are a very capable fire starter. In the last 5 years electrical heaters have caused upward of 800 fires across the UK. They account for a third of all electrical fire fatalities. 

Keep candles away from flammable items

Candles are a cosy addition to any Christmas setup and are a common addition round the festive period. 

This is one of the most common tips for fire safety at Christmas time. Proper and safe use of candles is very important. Never leave a candle unattended and keep away from real trees, wreaths, curtains and any flammable material. – 20 fairy light fires,  London Fire Brigade – 800 fires over the last 5 years caused by electrical fire