what type of fire is a fire blankets used for

Fire Blankets: A Must-Have Safety Tool for Every Home and Workplace

Fire blankets are an essential safety tool that often goes unnoticed until a fire emergency strikes. These simple yet effective devices play a crucial role in fire prevention and suppression. In this blog post, we will explore what fire blankets are, how they work, and the various ways in which they are used to protect lives and property.

What Are Fire Blankets?

A fire blanket is a piece of fire-resistant fabric, typically made from materials such as fibreglass or a specially treated wool. They are designed to extinguish small fires by cutting off the fire’s oxygen supply, thus smothering the flames. Fire blankets are compact and easy to use, making them an ideal tool for quickly responding to early-stage fires.

How Do Fire Blankets Work?

The fundamental principle behind the effectiveness of a fire blanket is suffocation. When a fire blanket is placed over a fire, it deprives the flames of oxygen, which is essential for combustion. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how fire blankets work:

1. Identify the fire: Ensure that it’s safe to use a fire blanket on the fire, and if it’s a small, contained fire like a grease fire in the kitchen.

2. Pull the fire blanket from its storage pouch or container.

3. Hold the corners of the fire blanket and approach the fire carefully.

4. Gently lay the blanket over the fire, covering it completely and sealing off the flames’ oxygen supply.

5. Leave the fire blanket in place until the fire is extinguished or until professional help arrives.

It’s important to remember that fire blankets work most effectively on small fires. For larger fires, a fire extinguisher or immediate evacuation should be the primary course of action.

Uses of Fire Blankets

1. Kitchen Fires: One of the most common uses of fire blankets is in the kitchen to extinguish grease fires. They are invaluable for containing small stovetop fires and preventing them from spreading.

2. Fire Safety in Laboratories: Fire blankets are often used in laboratories to extinguish small chemical fires. They can also be used to protect individuals who might be in danger during a lab experiment gone wrong.

3. Emergency Fire Blanket: Fire blankets are essential components of fire safety kits, both at home and in the workplace. They are placed in strategic locations for easy access during fire emergencies.

4. Welding and Industrial Settings: A fire blanket can be used to protect against sparks, splatter, and small fires in welding and industrial settings, where hot metal and open flames are common.

5. Emergency Evacuations: A fire blanket can also be used to wrap around individuals in emergency situations to protect them from smoke and heat while exiting a burning building.

Most Common Use

Fire blankets are most commonly used to tackle kitchen fires, especially pan fires, categorised as Class F fires. These fires typically involve cooking oils, fats, and greases and are prevalent in household kitchens. When a kitchen fire erupts, a fire blanket can be quickly and effectively deployed to smother the flames.

This type of fire is the common use of these fire blankets due to them being the perfect size for the blanket to handle. The pan offers a contained location for the fire, and after it is covered by the blanket, it makes the fire very restricted and keeps the user safe.

Gently placing the fire blanket over the flaming pan, prevents the fire’s access to oxygen, extinguishing it without the need for water or other potentially dangerous extinguishing agents. Using a fire blanket in this manner not only helps prevent the fire from spreading but also minimizes the risk of injury and property damage. Kitchen fires are a common scenario where a fire blanket can prove its worth, making it an indispensable safety tool for every home.

Our Fire Blankets

The fire blankets that we offer at Fireology come in three varying sizes. These are Small (1m x 1m), Medium (1.2m x 1.2m) and Large (1.8m x 1.2m).


A fire blanket is a simple yet highly effective tool for fire safety. It offers a quick and easy way to suppress small fires and protect individuals in emergency situations. Every home and workplace should have one of these blankets readily available and regularly checked to ensure they are in good condition. 

Remember, while fire blankets are valuable, they are not a substitute for other fire safety measures like smoke detectors and fire extinguishers. Fire safety is a collective effort. Still having the right tools and knowledge is essential for preventing and managing fire emergencies effectively.