2012 Spanish Grand Prix

Famous Fires in Sport – Williams Garage 2012 Spanish Grand Prix

The 2012 Spanish Grand Prix is a race that will never be forgotten, not only for the thrilling race on the Circuit de Catalunya but also for the unexpected and dramatic turn of events that followed. Pastor Maldonado’s surprising win for the Williams team was overshadowed by a fire that erupted in the team’s garage post-race, leaving the paddock in chaos and sparking a controversy that would linger for years to come.

The Spanish Grand Prix

The race was a spectacle, with the typical strategic battles and wheel-to-wheel action on the track. However, the Venezuelan driver, Pastor Maldonado, stole the show by securing his first-ever Formula 1 victory. The win marked a historic moment for Maldonado and the Williams team, breaking a long-standing drought since their last triumph.

2012 Spanish Grand Prix

The Garage Fire

About 90 minutes after the race, the Williams garage caught fire. Pit crews from the Williams, Force India and Caterham teams were able to bring the blaze under control. Thirty-one people were injured, with seven transferred to local hospitals. All were later released. 

Teams were reported as lending replacement equipment to Williams for the Monaco Grand Prix. Maldonado rescued his twelve-year-old cousin Manuel from the fire, as he had a broken foot. The sight of flames engulfing the garage sent shockwaves through the paddock. This raised questions about the safety protocols in place, and the team modified its fuel handling safety procedures for the next race accordingly. This cast a shadow over the miraculous victory.

Investigations and Findings

In the aftermath of the incident, Formula 1 authorities launched an investigation into the garage fire. The focus was on determining the cause of the blaze and whether any foul play was involved. Early reports suggested that the fire was caused by fuel that exploded while being prepared for a routine post-race inspection. 

Photographs taken at the scene showed Senna’s car as the source of the fire, which started when a fuel rig used to drain the car began leaking. Other reports suggested that a spark from the KERS unit initiated the blaze. Senna’s FW34 car was damaged as a result; Maldonado’s car was not in the garage at the time. This led to heightened scrutiny of safety measures within the sport.

Conspiracy Theories

Amazing achievements that defy simple explanations give rise to conspiracy rumours. Maldonado’s victory in the Spanish Grand Prix is a prime example of this.

The reason for the surprise was not the team’s victory after a protracted losing streak or their poor performance over many seasons but, because it was precisely in commemoration of the seventieth anniversary of Sir Frank Williams, founder and owner of the team and great friend of the Formula One boss, Bernie Ecclestone.

To put an end to anyone who might be doubting the existence of fortunate coincidences, a fire broke out in Williams’ garage at The Circuit of Catalunya shortly after the race.

“Anyone who believes that the Williams car all of a sudden, can win a Grand Prix without anything wrong is acting, he must also believe in Santa Claus. I doubt they can repeat the feat in the remaining 13 championship races. At the maximum, they will make some points characteristic of teams vying for midfield …”

“This is proof of how Ecclestone enriched with the bookmakers in England, he controls the outcome of this circus … He wanted to please his old friend honouring him with a victory of his bankrupted team … Must have sent Pirelli a message to deliver “special tyres” for Williams put on Maldonado’s car, or have advised the team to use some technical advantage outside the regulations as increase the 18,000 rpm allowed, and after sent their own mechanics to burn the garage to erase the traces or evidence of the wrongdoing … “

People made links between the fire and the miraculous win saying that the fire was to cover up and destroy any evidence that led to them winning the race. These claims are very extraordinary with many people getting injured in the fire. If anything like that were to have happened it would of been very inhumane. But in the world of social media, these conspiracies spread and are still talked about to this day.


The 2012 Spanish Grand Prix will forever be remembered not only for Maldonado’s surprising win but also for the controversies and chaos that ensued. While the conspiracy theories surrounding the victory may have added an extra layer of drama to the race, the garage fire highlighted the importance of stringent safety measures within the high-stakes world of Formula 1. The incident sparked conversations about the need for improved safety protocols. Ensuring that such events remain a rare occurrence in the future of the sport. As conspiracies still loom large over this race and Maldonado’s win, it will always be remembered and will forever go down in Formula 1 history.

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