fire safety regualtions for lorries

Fire Safety Regulation for Lorries/ Trucks

The fire safety regulations for lorries and trucks explain how many extinguishers are required in terms of weight of the vehicle. The table below sets out a summary of the minimum requirements for fire extinguishers depending on weight of the vehicle for HGVs or Lorries. Dry Powder extinguishers are specified because it is known that they are suitable for tackling fires of Class A (solids such as wood, paper or any carbonaceous materials), Class B (fires involving liquids) and Class C (fires involving gases) therefore they are commonly known to be the best fit for a vehicles fire safety needs.

Vehicle (max permissible mass)Minimum dry powder fire extinguisher provision
Up to 3.5 tonne2kg for cab
plus 2 kg
Over 3.5 tonne and up to 7.5 tonne2 kg for cab
Total 8 kg (usually one 6 kg but other provision is acceptable as long as there is one 6 kg)
Over 7.5 tonne2 kg for cab
Total 12 kg (including at least one 6 kg)
Any vehicle carrying dangerous goods under the” small load” limit or carrying only infectious substancesOne 2 kg only

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