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Lithium-ion Battery Fires 1

The first Lithium-ion battery was invented in 1982, and are different from the standard lithium battery. Lithium batteries are the standard non-rechargeable batteries and are very safe however, lithium-ion batteries are rechargeable and this leads to their problems. As they are rechargeable they store lots of energy relative to their size. And this is another of their problems, as they are so small, they are very accessible and useful for all different rechargeable products of all different shapes and sizes.

Development of the Lithium-ion Battery

As the technology has developed the lithium-ion battery has been able to hold more and more energy relative to their size, and this is what has made them more dangerous over the last few years. In the modern household, they can be seen everywhere from our phones, our watches, our earphones and even more recently popular e-bikes and e-scooters which have shown to be the most dangerous in the latest statistics.

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