Budget 1L AFF Foam Fire Extinguisher


For Class A (combustible materials) and Class B (flammable liquids) fires, an AFF Foam fire extinguisher is the best option. This type of extinguisher’s foam aids in preventing any flames from re-igniting. This lightweight, small-sized extinguisher has a one-litre capacity. It’s supplied with a wire bracket. Its fire rating is 5A 21B.

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Filled weight badge in red
Dimensions Badge in Purple
Basic Service: 1 Year
Enhanced Service: 5 Years
2kg Filled Weight
(HxW) 340mm x 119mm

This budget 1L AFF Foam fire extinguisher is a step up from the Water fire extinguisher. Not only can it combat Class B fires (unlike Water fire extinguishers), but it also has increased knockdown capabilities. As well as those bonuses, they also typically have higher fire ratings, making them easier to fit into a larger fire safety setup. They also offer the ability to fight Electrical fires up to 35kVa. This model has a fire rating of 5A 21B.

These extinguishers are perfect for any car or van where a step up in your fire safety is needed. As long as the fire is Class A or Class B this AFF Foam fire extinguisher has you covered. This 1L model is supplied with its own wire bracket.

Fire Extinguisher used for

Suitable for Class A fires Red
Suitable for Class B Fires Purple Badge
Suitable for Class A fires
Suitable for Class B fires
5A Fire Rating Badge in Purple
21B Fire Rating Badge in Red
5A Fire Rating
21B Fire Rating

Key Features and Spec

  • Fire Rating: 5A 21B
  • Fully CE Marked
  • Manufactured to BS EN3
  • Extinguishing medium: AFF Foam
  • 1 Litre

Why might you need a budget 1L AFF Foam fire extinguisher?

In the UK, by law, a fire extinguisher is not required in a regular car. But, if you are planning on doing any travelling in Europe in your car, you might just need a fire extinguisher. A fire extinguisher is one of the many items that may be needed when travelling from the UK to the rest of Europe. You can check out our blog post to see which countries require which products HERE. With this extinguisher’s size, it is perfectly suited for a car or a small van as it would be able to fit quite easily under a seat of a car.

Additional information

BS EN3 Approved


MED Approved


Stock Type

Special Order

Data Sheet

MSDS Sheet – FSWX6 & FSWX9


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