CommanderEDGE 6L MultiCHEM Fire Extinguisher


Although a multi-class fire extinguisher is not a novel product on the market, the MultiCHEM offers an advanced and effective fire safety solution in the shape of an ABF rated fire extinguisher.

The highest A rating for a 6L fire extinguisher in the industry is provided by its 34A rating. It may therefore put out a sizable fire even in the hands of an untrained person.

When it comes to fighting combustible liquid fires with a lot of fuel and a vast surface area, a 233B rating is unmatched.

Additionally, the 75F rating allows for the use of this unit on deep-fat fryer fires.

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Filled weight badge in red
Dimensions Badge in Purple
Basic Service: 1 Year
Enhanced Service: 5 Years
9.6kg Filled Weight
(HxW) 550 x 310mm

Key Features and Spec

  • Fire Rating: 34A 233B 75F
  • Fully CE Marked
  • MED Approved
  • Kitemarked to BS EN3
  • Extinguishing medium: Foam
  • Working pressure: 12 Bar
  • Temperature range: -5°C – +60°C
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • 6 Litres
  • Pressurising gas: Nitrogen

6L MultiCHEM fire extinguisher is used for

Suitable for Class A fires Red
Suitable for Class B Fires Purple Badge
Suitable for Class F Fires Badge in Red
Suitable for use on Class A fires
Suitable for use on Class B fires
Suitable for use on Class F fires
34A Fire Rating Purple Badge
233B Fire Rating
75F Fire Rating Purple
34A Fire Rating
233B Fire Rating
75F Fire Rating

The 6L MultiCHEM fire extinguisher is a very good fire extinguisher with great multi-class abilities. They are able to combat Class A, Class B and Class F fires. This also makes them a great choice when it comes to fire safety in a kitchen, due to their Class F capabilities. This model’s size would be good in an industrial kitchen due to its large size and therefore fire rating. This extinguisher is an incredible extinguisher and would offer a great fire safety solution to any kitchen scenario. This model specifically is also perfect for any larger kitchen or restaurant, this is due to its great capabilities.

Which size of the deep fat fryer can be protected by a 6L MultiCHEM fire extinguisher?

The MultiCHEM extinguisher was made to be able to extinguish deep fat fryer fires but which size can be protected with this exact extinguisher? The 6L MultiCHEM fire extinguisher is allowed to be the fire safety system to protect a deep fat fryer that is up to 75 litres. With Class F fire extinguishers, the F fire rating directly equivocates to what litre deep fat fryer it can protect. This will mean that the bigger the MultiCHEM fire extinguisher is, the bigger the size deep fat it will be able to tackle. If the deep fat fryer is larger than 75 litres it may need to be covered by an automatic system. This is also the situation for any deep fat fryer that is over 0.4m2 in area.

A MultiCHEM fire extinguisher is a type of foam so is classed as a foam extinguisher. This is why they have a cream-coloured identifying label. This extinguisher is a must-buy for anyone who is in need of an extinguisher for a kitchen. The foam allows for great knockback to flames and paired with a fire blanket offers a great package for fire safety.

Additional information

Fire Class

, ,

BS EN3 Approved


MED Approved


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