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In any building, fire safety signage is crucial. It serves the aim of plainly directing occupants to the main fire exits and the location of the fire-fighting supplies. In order for building occupants to know where to raise the alarm in the case of a fire, fire alarm call locations must be properly marked.


This is a Fire Alarm Call Point Sign that is made with photoluminescent material. The sign clearly indicates the location of a fire alarm call point. The sign is durable and easy to install. Making it a great choice for any building with a fire alarm call point.

A fire safety sign that is photoluminescent is important because it remains visible in low light or in the absence of a power supply. Photoluminescent signs are made from materials that absorb and store light energy. This is then released as a glow in low-light conditions. This means that in the event of a power failure or a smoky environment, the signs will still be visible and easy to read. Helping to provide important information to occupants and enabling them to find their way to safety.

In the UK, photoluminescent fire safety signs are often required by law in high occupancy buildings. These could be the likes of hotels, hospitals, and public buildings. This is because they provide an effective means of ensuring that occupants can find their way to safety in an emergency, even when lighting is limited or non-existent.

According to UK legislation do you need a fire alarm call point sign?

Yes, in the UK, fire alarm call point signs are required. Stated by the law under the Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996. As well as the Fire Safety Order 2005. These signs are necessary to indicate the location of fire alarm call points in order to ensure the safety of occupants in the event of a fire.

Where should these signs be located?

Fire alarm call point signs should be located in a prominent position above or adjacent to the fire alarm call point. They should be clearly visible and easy to read. The signs should be positioned at a height of between 1.7m and 2.5m above the floor level. They should also be illuminated if necessary to ensure visibility in low-light conditions. In this sign’s case, it is photoluminescent so lights itself. It’s also important to ensure that the signs are not obstructed by any other objects and that they are clearly visible from any direction in that occupants might approach the call point.

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