Fire Assembly Point Sign

Fire assembly point signs exist to clearly communicate a designated safe area. In an emergency, they make it easier for employees, guests, and members of the public to identify the best gathering spots for an evacuation. According to current law, these signs are necessary.

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These signs are required compliance with current legislation. A fire assembly point sign is used to indicate to all the people who have had to evacuate the building, where they should be. This helps to clearly designate a location that is safe and away from the fire. In an emergency, these signs are easy to locate.

Where can a fire assembly point sign be located?

A fire assembly point sign can be located near the exits of a building. It can also be located in another area that is easily visible to building occupants. The purpose of the sign is to designate a meeting place for individuals to gather in the event of a fire. This is why it should be located in a prominent place where it can be easily seen and understood.

In general, the fire assembly sign should be placed near the main exits of the building. This can be areas like the main entrance or exits leading to a car park or open space. It may also be located near fire alarms or fire exits to make it even more noticeable.

It’s important to note that fire assembly point signs are a crucial part of a comprehensive fire safety plan and should be clearly visible and accessible to all building occupants in case of an emergency.

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