water vs water plus vs water mist fire extinguishers

Water vs Water Plus vs Water Mist Fire Extinguishers

What are the differences of Water vs Water Plus vs Water Mist fire extinguishers? Which is best and what is the best for certain situations?

Water fire extinguishers are the most accessible fire extinguisher, this is likely due to their low price point and their ability to fight the most common type of fire. The Water extinguishers are given an A fire rating, meaning they are capable and suited for extinguishing Class A type fires.

Water Plus extinguishers are an easy upgrade on the regular water extinguishers. They feature a wetting agent which allows them to achieve a greater fire rating. This helps to meet regulations on minimum fire ratings per floor or room of a building. This extinguisher still only features an A fire rating, meaning it can only extinguish Class A fires.

Water Mist extinguishers are another option as an upgrade from the regular water extinguisher. This is due to it having an AF fire rating. This means they are capable of extinguishing Class A and Class F fires. Class F fires are fires involving deep fat frying and spillages of flammable oils near heat sources. These are often found in kitchen environments. The Water Mist extinguisher doesn’t offer an increased A fire rating from the Water extinguisher but instead offers an F fire rating. This is useful if there is a risk of a Class F fire but if not it is a wasted feature.

The Water Plus extinguishers’ boosted A fire rating is great when the fire risk is higher. This is because the boosted fire rating allows the location meet regulations. The increased price point of this extinguisher is justified if the extra A fire rating. This makes it useful when the fire rating is needed to meet regulations of what fire rating is required.

Water extinguishers are the basic option with the lowest price. These are still a great option when the paired with another extinguisher. If the only main fire risks in the area fall into the Class A fire group. When the premise is small, this standard water extinguisher is the perfect choice.

In summary each of these types of extinguisher meet the basic need for a Class A fire extinguisher. The Water Plus and the Water Mist are both upgrades from the standard Water extinguisher in their own ways. The Water Plus offers an increased A fire rating and the Water Mist offers an AF fire rating over the basic A fire rating of the other two extinguishers. So, in the Water vs Water Plus vs Water Mist fire extinguishers debate. There is no ‘best one’ of the three, it is just a case of what is need or a certain scenario.

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