CommanderEDGE 6L AFF Foam Fire Extinguisher


Class A and B fire risk zones should use foam fire extinguishers (those featuring combustible materials and flammable liquids). They are ideal for places like workplaces, factories, shops, and garages. They are a great option because of the knockdown (in comparison to a water unit).

This 6L unit from CommanderEDGE is Kitemarked, 35kVa dielectric test verified, and has a new and enhanced 21A 183B fire rating. Additionally, it performs well even in the roughest environments thanks to its strong base and CE-marked brass valve assembly.

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Filled weight badge in red
Dimensions Badge in Purple
Basic Service: 1 Year
Enhanced Service: 5 Years
9.7kg Filled Weight
(HxW) 510mm x 190mm

The 6L foam fire extinguisher is a great multiclass fire extinguisher that has the ability to tackle Class A and Class B fires. This extinguisher offers great knockdown ability compared to the standard Water fire extinguisher. This makes it a great option for any location such as workplaces, offices, garages, shops or restaurants. The 6L foam fire extinguisher’s boosted fire rating allows it to help meet regulations for any building or space.

This extinguisher is kitemarked and complies with the BS EN3 standards. This extinguisher features a reinforced base and its CE-marked brass valve assembly. These features make sure that the extinguisher maintains strong and will not deteriorate as quickly as other extinguishers.

The 6L capacity model is a great choice in any scenario due to its usability and great size. The 6L model is a great size due to it being large enough to tackle practically all the fires you would need it for but also easy enough to store.

Fire Extinguisher used for

Suitable for Class A fires Red
Suitable for Class B Fires Purple Badge
Suitable for Class A fires
Suitable for Class B fires
21A fire rating badge in purple
183B Fire Rating Badge in Red for 6L envirofoam fire extinguisher
21A Fire Rating
183B Fire Rating

What reasons are there to use the 6L AFF Foam fire extinguisher?

The 6L AFF Foam fire extinguisher is typically used for fighting Class A or Class B fires, which are fires that involve ordinary combustibles such as wood, paper, cloth, and cardboard. The AFF Foam extinguisher works by smothering the fire, depriving it of oxygen and thus putting it out. The AFF Foam also helps prevent re-ignition by creating a barrier between the fuel and the oxygen.

Some reasons to use a 6L AFF Foam fire extinguisher include:

  1. Effective against Class A and Class B fires: The foam is highly effective in fighting ordinary combustible fires.
  2. Easy to use: Foam fire extinguishers are simple to use, even for those with limited training.
  3. Safe for the environment: Foam fire extinguishers are less toxic and less damaging to the environment compared to other types of fire extinguishing agents.
  4. Safe for electrical equipment: Foam fire extinguishers are safe to use on fires involving electrical equipment, as the foam will not conduct electricity.
  5. Large capacity: The 6L size is a good choice for larger fires, providing enough extinguishing power to effectively put out the fire.

Note: It is important to choose the appropriate fire extinguisher for the type of fire you are dealing with.

Technical Specification

MPN Capacity Fire Rating Full Weight (kg) Temp Range Working Pressure Kitemarked to BS EN3 Fully CE Marked MED Approved Extinguishing Medium
FS6E 6 Litres 21A 183B 9.7 +5°C to +60°C 27 Bar Yes Yes Yes Foam

Additional information

Stock Type

Fireology Essentials

Data Sheet

CommanderEDGE Foam Tri-fold Brochure (1)



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