Final Fire Exit Sign Left (No Arrow)


If there is a fire, this fire exit sign being over the last exit door will let people know how to get out.

This 300mm x 150mm sign is photoluminescent, making it easy to see in low-light situations.

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Key Features and Spec

  • Photoluminescent
  • 150mm x 300mm

Put the final fire exit sign left to signal the final fire exit. This sign should be located at the top right of the final fire exit. This sign’s size is 150mm x 300mm. This allows you to be able to easily identify where the final fire exit is. This sign does not have an arrow on it, this indicates that the door it is situated over is the final fire exit. This sign is also photoluminescent (light emission from any form of matter after the absorption of photons). This is to allow for visibility in low light or dark situations. These situations are common with fires.

Where should the final fire exit sign left (no arrow) be located?

The final fire exit sign without an arrow should be located near the actual exit. It should be placed in a prominent and easily visible location, such as near the door or at the end of the corridor leading to the exit. The purpose of this sign is to provide clear and visible identification of the location of the final exit and to guide people in the building to safety in the event of a fire or emergency. This sign pointing left is indicated by the way the person on the sign is facing. This signals that the final fire exit door is shortly on the left. Ideally, this sign is located just to the top right of the final exit door in a clearly noticeable location with nothing obstructing the visibility of this sign.

Additional information

Dimensions 30 × 15 cm


Length (cm)


Width (cm)


Height (cm)


Stock Type

Fireology Essentials

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