CommanderEDGE 1kg Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher


Dry powder is a versatile fire-extinguishing agent with superior knockdown capabilities. Due to its ability to put out Class A, B, and C flames, a dry powder fire extinguisher is frequently referred to as an ABC unit. A powder fire extinguisher can be used outside year-round because of its low minimum operating temperature.

The transport brackets for the CommanderEDGE 1kg ABC Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher are included and include a stainless steel centre strap.

This extinguisher is kitemarked to BS EN3 and conforms with British Standards.

It has an 8A 34B C fire rating.

35KV Dielectric tested Red

Available to order for delivery in approximately 5 working days.


Filled weight badge in red
Dimensions Badge in Purple
Basic Service: 1 Year
Enhanced Service: 5 Years
2.1kg filled weight
(HxW) 330 x 85mm

Key Features and Spec

  • Fire Rating:  8A 34B C
  • Fully CE Marked
  • Kitemarked to BS EN3
  • Extinguishing medium: ABC 40
  • Working pressure: 14 Bar
  • Temperature range: -20°C – +60°C
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • 1kg
  • Pressurising gas: Nitrogen

Fire Extinguisher used for

Suitable for Class A fires Red
Suitable for Class B Fires Purple Badge
Suitable for Class C fires red badge
Suitable for use on Class A fires
Suitable for use on Class B fires
Suitable for use on Class C fires
Suitable for electrical fires purple badge
8A Fire Rating
34B Fire Rating Badge
Suitable for use on Electrical fires
8A Fire Rating
34B Fire Rating

This 1kg Dry Powder fire extinguisher is a great extinguisher for locations such as boats, vans, lorries and cars due to its small size and a good range of fire coverage. This extinguisher’s ability to be able to cover Class A, B, C and Electrical fires is great as it covers the most common types of fire for the average situation. One of the bonuses of using ABC Powder fire extinguishers is that they have a very low operating temperature. This extinguisher meets the British Standards and is Kitemarked to BS EN3.

What are the perks of the 1kg Dry Powder fire extinguisher?

The 1kg Dry Powder fire extinguisher has several advantages, these are:

  1. Versatility: Dry Powder is very versatile as it can be used on a wide range of fire classes, including Class A, B, and C fires.
  2. Effective: Dry Powder effectively smothers the fire, cutting off its oxygen supply, and putting out the flames quickly.
  3. Easy to Use: The compact size and lightweight design make it easy to handle and use in an emergency situation.
  4. Safe: Dry Powder is a non-toxic and non-corrosive material, making it safe to use in most environments.
  5. Cost-effective: Compared to other fire extinguisher types, the 1kg Dry Powder fire extinguisher is generally more affordable.

These sum up the main features that make a Dry Powder fire extinguisher stand out from other kinds of fire extinguishers.

Additional information

BS EN3 Approved


MED Approved


Extinguisher Environment

Stock Type

Special Order

Data Sheet

CommanderEDGE Powder Tri-fold Brochure

MSDS – Dry Powder DL


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