water fire extinguisher prices

Water Fire Extinguisher Prices

Water fire extinguishers are some of the cheapest fire extinguishers we offer. They are one of the most commonly used extinguishers because of their Class A fire rating and low price point. Water fire extinguisher prices depend on what bonus features they offer compared to the others. Often a huge factor is what extinguisher meets your fire rating needs.

Budget Water Additive Fire Extinguishers

This is the lowest cost range of Water fire extinguishers that we offer at the moment. These models are the Water Additive models which have an added wetting agent. Still with great fire extinguishing capabilities and a boosted fire rating due to the added wetting agent, just at a better price.

Standard Water Fire Extinguisher Prices

These fire extinguishers are the standard top-quality CommanderEDGE range. They offer great fire extinguishing ability and come in two great sizes.

Stainless Steel Water Fire Extinguishers

Not only do these Stainless Steel fire extinguishers look fantastic, but they also have extra use. Due to the alloy used to make the Stainless Steel look containing Chromium, these extinguishers also do not rust.

Decorative Water Fire Extinguisher Prices

If the regular models aren’t your style, try these 6L models in Antique Copper and Polished Gold. These extinguishers are very sophisticated and will fit in with any opulent setting.

Available Accessories

We stock the signage that perfectly pairs with Water fire extinguishers. This includes all the decorative designs as well as the photoluminescent sign.

Stands & Storage

We also stock a wide range of Stands and Storage solutions to help with looking after your fire extinguishers. These come in all different sizes and price ranges to help you find the best storage solution for whatever your fire safety storage needs are. These can come as either simple brackets or fully lockable storage boxes.

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