Foam fire extinguisher prices

AFF Foam Fire Extinguisher Prices

AFF Foam fire extinguishers are often a great option for any situation. They offer Class A and Class B fire coverage. The AFF Foam extinguisher is seen as an obvious upgrade from a Water extinguisher if the Water extinguisher doesn’t meet your needs. One of the bonuses of an AFF Foam extinguisher that is has increased knockdown capabilities. This gives it an increased fire rating over the Water extinguisher, also not forgetting that the extinguisher can also combat fires involving flammable liquids as well as fires involving solids such as paper, cardboard or any other combustible material. The AFF Foam fire extinguisher prices are very competitive and very reasonable for the product they offer.

Budget AFF Foam Fire Extinguisher Prices

This range of extinguishers is the lowest-priced AFF Foam extinguishers we offer. We offer a complete range of sizes to give you a perfect selection to choose from to find whichever suits your needs the best.

Standard AFF Foam Fire Extinguishers

Our standard recommended selection is the CommanderEDGE range. These extinguishers offer great fire fighting capabilities and have great knockdown on flames, maximising the protection of the operator of the extinguisher. Our two different sizes both offer great packages and fire ratings respectively, but the 9L model has the best due to its larger size.

High-Performance EnviroFoam Fire Extinguisher Prices

Standard AFF Foam is not the best extinguisher for being environmentally friendly. This extinguisher uses a more environmentally safe foam. It also is a higher performance model that offers more fire rating than the standard model in the same size. All modern companies are striving to be more environmentally friendly. It is becoming evermore important to say that you are more environmentally friendly than your business rival as that is what drives sales. This simple change makes a lot of difference.

Stainless Steel AFF Foam Fire Extinguishers

Not only do these Stainless Steel fire extinguishers look fantastic, but they also have extra use. Due to the alloy used to make the Stainless Steel look containing Chromium, these extinguishers also do not rust.

Decorative AFF Foam Fire Extinguisher Prices

If the regular models aren’t your style, try these 6L models in Antique Copper and Polished Gold. These extinguishers are very sophisticated and will fit in with any opulent setting.

Available Accessories

We stock the full range of signage that perfectly pair with AFF Foam fire extinguishers. This includes the photoluminescent sign and all decorative ID signs.

Stands & Storage

We also stock a wide range of Stands and Storage solutions to help with looking after your fire extinguishers. These come in all different sizes and price ranges to help you find the best storage solution for whatever your fire safety storage needs are.

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